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Terry Tinney (CA), 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV.
Shelly Zide (CA),  1971 Alfa Romeo. This is one of the two Kwech/Theodorocopulos Alfa factory cars originally raced in 1971 2.5 Challenge Trans Am series, then thoroughly reprepped with Pepsi sponsorship and logos for the 1972 2.5 Challenge as #4, which is its current appearance.
Sam Cummings (MI),  1971 Alfa Romeo. The Orange #3 Alfa of Horst Kweck, sponsored by Herb Wetson (Wetson's and Mama's Pasta).  The car has an original Trans Am badge. This car was first raced mid-year 1971 by Kweck.
Peter Nitoglia (CA),  1966 Alfa Romeo.
Kevin McKee (CA) (leading), Alfa Romeo.
Phyllis Gayland (CA), 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV.
Anthony Rimicci (CA), 1968 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior.
Gifford Hawn (CA), 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV.
Roger Meiners (MI), 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint G. Right-hand-drive Autodelta-prepared car. S/N AR752503, period racing history
Dana Loomis (NC), 1971 Alfa Romeo GT Veloce. Many of you might reconginze Dana's name as he wrote the Alfa history that appears on
C.J. Bonura (CA), 1967 Ford Cortina. Car currently runs w/ VARA in B.S., Car was built in mid. 90s and not raced until 1997 when purchased by current owner. First race for car and owner was at Willow Springs in September 1997. Car has been raced extensively w/ VARA & HSRW.

Ron Dempsey (West Vancouver, BC), 1969 BMW 2002.  Car raced in Colorado from 1978 to 1988, then around the Northeast purchased by Ron in March of 2003. The livery of the car is based on that of Beach Auto Limited, a BMW dealer in Toronto that won the Bulova Bsedan series at Mosport in 1971.

David Bradyhouse (NC), 1969 BMW 2002.  Car has run with SCCA (ITB), SVRA, HSR, VSCCA and BMWCCA.  A very nice "period correct" racecar.

Dennis Morgan (AL), 1971 Datsun 510.  According to Peter Brock, this was the second BRE Trans-AM 2.5 Challenge Team car. The car was numberd as 35 and 85.  The original Trans-AM tag is still on the car and is numberd as #72BS26.

Jim McAdory (CA), 1969 Datsun 510.  Car is a former SCCA & NASA racer fully restored to a non-flared vintage B-Sedan spec.
Les Cannaday (CA) of Classic Datsun Motorsports is currently restoring this historic SCCA club racer.
Les Cannaday (CA), 1969 Datsun 1200 currently racing under the Classic Datsun Motorsports banner is actually a C-Sedan class car as it only has a 1300cc motor.  C-Sedans are legal for the series.
Paul Davis (CA), 1970 Datsun 510.  This car was built for the 2.5 Challenge but the series was cancelled before it was completed.  This car competed in the IMSA Champion Spark Plug Series that followed the 2.5 Challenge.
Jon Peterson (CA), 1971 Datsun 510.
Eric Williams (CA), 1970 Datsun 510
Nick Martin (CA), 1967 Mini Cooper.  The car is built as a replica 1967 british saloon car championship series car from an original 1967 cooper 'S'.
Brian Walsh (FL), 1971 Ford Pinto.  This car was raced by Jerry Walsh and has extensive race history including three 2.5 Challenge races. The car also won the 1971 IMSA Baby Grand race at Bridgehampton & Summit Point.
Eric Roberts (CA), 1971 "Treuhaft Automotive Specialties" TransAm Super Beetle reproduction.











































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